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How to Report Elder Financial Fraud

Learn about the steps involved for victims, loved ones, and financial professionals Elder financial fraud is an epidemic in this country that not a lot of people know about and ...READ MORE

Washington, D.C. Elder Fraud Statutes

In the District of Columbia, someone is guilty of financially exploiting an elderly person if he or she: Uses deception, intimidation, or undue influence to obtain the property, including money, of ...READ MORE

Wyoming Elder Fraud Statutes

Wyoming has an Adult Protective Services law that defines exploitation as “the reckless or intentional act taken by any person, or any use of the power of attorney, conservatorship or ...READ MORE

Wisconsin Elder Fraud Statutes

In Wisconsin, examples of financial exploitation include: Obtaining an individual’s money or property by deceiving or enticing the individual, or by forcing, compelling, or coercing the individual to give, sell at ...READ MORE

West Virginia Elder Fraud Statutes

In West Virginia, financial exploitation is defined as “the intentional misappropriation or misuse of funds or assets of an elderly person, protected person or incapacitated adult, but shall not apply to ...READ MORE

Washington Elder Fraud Statutes

Washington’s Abuse of Vulnerable Adults Act defines financial exploitation as “the illegal or improper use, control over, or withholding of the property, income, resources, or trust funds of the vulnerable ...READ MORE

Virginia Elder Fraud Statutes

Virginia has four main categories of financial exploitation: • Larceny – The wrongful or fraudulent taking of personal goods of some intrinsic value, belonging to another, without his assent, and ...READ MORE

Vermont Elder Fraud Statutes

Financial exploitation in Vermont has three different definitions: Willfully using, withholding, transferring, or disposing of funds or property of a vulnerable adult without or in excess of legal authority for ...READ MORE

Utah Elder Fraud Statutes

The Aging and Adult Services chapter of Utah’s Human Services Code states that someone is guilty of exploiting an elderly adult if he or she: • Is in a position ...READ MORE

Texas Elder Fraud Statutes

In chapter 48 of Texas’s Human Resources code, exploitation is defined as “the illegal or improper act or process of a caretaker, family member, or other individual who has an ...READ MORE