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North Dakota Elder Fraud Statutes

According to North Dakota’s Vulnerable Adult Protection Services program, financial exploitation is the “use or receipt of services provided by the vulnerable adult without just compensation, the taking, acceptance, misappropriation, or misuse of property or resources of a vulnerable adult by means of undue influence, breach of a fiduciary relationship, deception, harassment, criminal coercion, theft, or other unlawful or improper means.”

Duty to report

Under section 50-25.2-03, if a person has a reasonable belief that an elderly adult is being exploited, they are required to make a report. This report needs to include the name of the possible victim and the nature of the alleged exploitation. If made in good faith, the person who makes the report is immune from civil or criminal liability. However, if a false report is made or false information is given, this constitutes a class B misdemeanor.

Protective services

If it is determined that an elderly adult needs protective services, they will be given, as per section 50-25.3-06. If the person is unable to consent or a caregiver refuses, alternate arrangements will be made. This could include appointing a guardian or conservator or issuing a restraining order or other court order.

Legal recourse

Section 50-25.2-11.1 states that an adult who is the victim of financial exploitation “has a cause of action against any perpetrator and may recover damages for that exploitation.” This action can be brought by the elderly adult, his or her guardian or conservator, or anyone acting on the elderly adult’s behalf. If the perpetrator is found guilty of financial exploitation, the court shall award damages to the plaintiff. If the offense involved fraud or deception, exemplary damages may also be awarded.

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